Dr. Christoph Stanik

Hands-on Project Manager | Data Scientist

Software Engineer | Researcher | Trainer


Integrated Emergency Care Device For Cardiovascular Diseases

Role: UHH co-project manager
Budget: 2,100,000 EURO
Timeframe: 2019 - 2022

Project Summary

VentCore is a project funded by the Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (VDI). Since most of the project is classified, there is only little short information about it. The overall aim is to develop a combined device that enables electrical diagnostics (ECG, 12-channel ECG, oxygen saturation and blood pressure) and therapy (defibrillation, cardioversion and external pacer), as well as ventilation therapy and patient monitoring (capnography). The additional integration of a special ventilation mode to support cardiac massage (Chest Com-pression Synchronized Ventilation - CCSV) creates a system for fast and effective resuscitation. Within this project’s scope, we further aim to develop additional algorithms to improve patient care in the post-resuscitation phase.

My Role and Contributions

In the VentCore project, I am the co-project manager representing the Universität Hamburg. My team is responsible for understanding emergency medicine and engineering stakeholders’ requirements to create the user interface, the alarm management, and the cable management of such a new system. For that, we use a rigorous five-step process called applied cognitive task analysis. Within that process, we perform interviews, observations, creativity workshops, and experiments. The envisioned outcome is a mockup prototype that we iteratively improve in a set of experiments with domain experts to develop a new and innovative product.