Dr. Christoph Stanik

Hands-on Project Manager | Data Scientist

Software Engineer | Researcher | Trainer


Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering.

Role: Work package leader
Budget: 4,500,000 EURO
Timeframe: 2017 - 2020
Website: openreq.eu

Project Summary

OpenReq is about researching, developing, and evaluating intelligent recommendations and decision technologies to support communities and individual stakeholders in the gathering and management of software requirements. OpenReq bridges the gap between the development and usage of software-enabled products and services: by taking the user community as part of the innovation process and by continuously observing and involving stakeholders and users and tightening their commitment in the decision-making. OpenReq aims at developing an integrated approach that continuously monitors and adjusts requirements knowledge instead of having a waterfall process.

The project had four main objectives and activities:

  • Requirements gathering, reuse of requirements & stakeholder management
  • User needs & screening
  • Analysis, dependency detection & diagnosis
  • Intelligent release planning

My Role and Contributions

In the EU Horizon 2020 project OpenReq, I was responsible for leading one of the four technical work packages. I coordinated four globally distributed teams to conceptualize and develop a Requirements Intelligence system in continuous and frequent negotiation with stakeholders from the mobile operating market. Requirements Intelligence is the idea of continuously collecting, preprocessing, filtering, and analyzing customer feedback to generate analytical insights for various stakeholders in an integrated interactive visualization. In particular, it supports stakeholders in understanding their customers’ main challenges and needs. I created a 1-minute YouTube video that summarizes the main idea and some features of Requirements Intelligence for one specific use case.

The following image shows one of the views of the resulting Requirements Intelligence dashboard. The view summarizes when customers provide feedback, trend reports about problems and inquiries, a sentiment trend, and other information. We evaluated the whole contribution for one year with our Italian partner WindTre, while other partners like vogella, Engineering, and Tu Graz used and evaluated individual components of Requirements Intelligence. dashboard

A full description of the Requirements Intelligence functionality and architecture is available in my dissertation.

Our components are open source: github.com/OpenreqEU.