Dr. Christoph Stanik

Hands-on Project Manager | Data Scientist

Software Engineer | Researcher | Trainer

About Me

I'm a hands-on project manager and researcher on Requirements Intelligence, which is on the intersection of requirements engineering, natural language processing, and machine learning.
I have strong expertise in understanding customer needs as I have researched and developed automated approaches analyzing and visualizing customer feedback. My work considers written feedback, such as social media comments and product reviews, and customer interactions with the product.

In the last couple of years, I worked at the Universität Hamburg (chair: Applied Software Technology) and the research and technology transfer center HITeC e.V. During that time, I continuously collaborated with global leaders from industry and academia to transfer cutting-edge research results into innovative products.

2021 - present
IT Lead
evasys GmbH
2015 - 2021
Hands on Project Manager and Research Associate
Hamburger Informatik Technologie-Center e.V. (HITeC e.V.) & Universität Hamburg
  • Co-project manager in the VDI project VentCore (2019 - 2021)
    User-centered design for an integrated emergency care device for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Work package leader in the EU Horizon 2020 project OpenReq (2017 -2020)
    Software Requirements Intelligence.
  • Workshop designer and leader for the Open Data Studio (2018)
    App prototyping including creativity workshops.
  • Researcher and developer for the Hamburg Open Online University (2015 - 2016)
    Public e-learning platform.
  • Teacher and trainer for over 20 courses, >1,000 students
    Types of courses: project-based learning, seminars, and lectures
    Topics: Mobile Software Engineering, Data Analytics, Software Development, Requirements Engineering, Empirical Methods, and Software Architecture
2014 - 2015
Android App Developer
2013 - 2014
Student Employee
Hamburger Informatik Technologie-Center e.V. (HITeC e.V.) & Universität Hamburg
  • Work package leader in the EU FP7 project MUSES (2012 – 2015)
    Multi client context-adaptive observation and actuation.
  • Lead Android software architect in the project Flunx (2014 - 2015)
    Encrypted social media and messaging platform.
  • Project manager for an Android app in cooperation with Volkswagen AG (2013)
    Touchless gesture control of the Volkswagen infotainment system.
2015 - 2020
Promotion, Dr.rer.nat.
Universität Hamburg
Topic: Requirements Intelligence: On the Analysis of User Feedback
Examiner: Prof. Dr. Walid Maalej, Prof. Xavier Franch, PhD
2012 - 2014
Master of Science, M.Sc.
Universität Hamburg
Business Information Systems
Major: Development and Management of IT-Systems
2009 - 2012
Bachelor of Science, B.Sc.
Leuphana Universität Lüneburg
Information Technology and Business Information Systems
Major: Business Information Systems
My Skills
  • Python
  • Java
  • Go
  • JavaScript
  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (business fluent)
Other Skills
  • Agile hands-on project management
    > e.g., Scrum
  • Workshop organization and training
    > Creativity workshops (e.g., design thinking)
    > Participatory and interactive workshops
    > Project-based learning
  • Full stack data science
    > Data engineering
    > Feature engineering
    > Machine learning
    > Evaluation
    > Deployment
  • Full stack software development
    > NoSQL, SQL
    > Python3 flask, node.js, go
    > JavaScript vue.js, vuetify
  • Natural language processing
    > scikit-learn
    > spaCy
    > pandas
Awards & Certificates
2019 Award: Best Poster and Tool Demo. 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference.
2018 Award: Hochschulwettbewerb. 10.000 EURO.
2017 Award: MIN Graduate School.
2015 Certificate: Professional Scrum Master I.
2013 Certificate: ITIL Foundation.
You can find the complete list on my Google Scholar Profile.
2021 Marlo Haering, Christoph Stanik, Walid Maalej: Automatically Matching Bug Reports With Related App Reviews. 43rd International Conference on Software Engineering.
2020 Christoph Stanik: Requirements Intelligence: On the Analysis of User Feedback. Dissertation. Universität Hamburg.
2020 Christoph Stanik, Marlo Haering, Chakajkla Jesdabodi, and Walid Maalej: Which App Features Are Being Used? Learning App Feature Usages from Interaction Data. 28th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference.
2019 Christoph Stanik and Walid Maalej: [Award] Requirements Intelligence with OpenReq Analytics. Posters and Tool Demos. 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference.
2019 Christoph Stanik, Marlo Haering, and Walid Maalej: Classifying Multilingual User Feedback using Traditional Machine Learning and Deep Learning. AIRE Workshop: 27th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference.
2019 Alexander Felfernig, Martin Stettinger, Manfred Wundara, Christoph Stanik: Künstliche Intelligenz in der Öffentlichen Verwaltung: Status Quo und zukünftige Entwicklungen. Handbuch E-Government: Technikinduzierte Verwaltungsentwicklung.
2018 Christoph Stanik, Lloyd Montgomery, Daniel Martens, Davide Fucci and Walid Maalej: Simple NLP-based Approach to Support Onboarding and Retention in Open-Source Communities. 34th IEEE International Conference on Software Maintenance and Evolution.
2018 Davide Fucci, Christoph Stanik, Lloyd Montgomery, Zijad Kurtanovic, Timo Johann, Walid Maalej: Research on NLP for RE at the University of Hamburg: A Report. REFSQ Workshops.
2017 Timo Johann, Christoph Stanik, Alireza M.Alizadeh B. and Walid Maalej: SAFE: A Simple Approach for Feature Extraction from App Descriptions and App Reviews. 25th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference.
2016 Walid Maalej, Zijad Kurtanovic, Hadeer Nabil, and Christoph Stanik: On the Automatic Classification of App Reviews. Requirements Engineering Journal.
2014 Christoph Stanik: A Feature Recommendation System based on the Comparison of the Description and Reviews of Similar Apps. Master Thesis. Universität Hamburg.
2012 Christoph Stanik: Identification of user activities and the anonymous transfer of that data by means of mobile development – Development of an Android prototype application. Bachelor Thesis. Leuphana University Lüneburg.
Selected Projects
Integrated Emergency Care Device For Cardiovascular Diseases
UHH co-project manager | 2019 - 2022 | 2,100,000 EURO | VDI
Intelligent Recommendation Decision Technologies for Community-Driven Requirements Engineering
Work package leader | 2017 - 2020 | 4,500,000 EURO | EU Horizon 2020
Hamburg Open Online University
Developer and Researcher | 2015 - 2016 | 3,700,000+ EURO | Joint project (BWFGB, MMKH, ..)
Multiplatform Usable Endpoint Security
Work package leader | 2012 - 2015 | 4,700,000 EURO | EU FP7
2019 Organizer of the 2nd Hamburg Requirements Engineering Symposium
2019 Public Speaker: Sommer des Wissens, Hamburg
2018 Organizer of the 1st Hamburg Requirements Engineering Symposium
2018 Organizing Committee Member of the International Requirements Engineering Conference
2018 Public Speaker: Tag des Wissens, Hamburg
2017 Trainer: From Mining to Planning
Scientific Reviews
2021 JSS (Journal of Systems and Software). Journal.
2020 EMSE (Empiricial Software Engineering). Journal.
2020 e-informatica. Journal.
2019 INFORMATIK19. Conference.
2019 ESEM (Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement). Conference.
2018 IST (Information and Software Technology) . Journal.
2018 ESEM (Empirical Software Engineering and Measurement). Conference.
Co-Reviewer for TSE, ICSE, ESEM, MSR, RE, REFSQ, SEIP. Jorunal & Conference.
I educated hundreds of students. University Profile.
Winter 2020 M-Lab. Project-based Course.
Summer 2020 Requirements Engineering. Lecture.
Summer 2019 Empirical Software Engineering. Seminar.
Summer 2018 Empirical Software Engineering. Seminar.
Summer 2018 Softwareentwicklung 2. Exercise.
Summer 2018 Data Analytics. Seminar.
Winter 2017 M-Lab Android Tutorial. Participatory workshop.
Winter 2017 Softwareentwicklung 1. Seminar.
Summer 2017 Software Patterns. Seminar & Lecutre.
Summer 2017 Empirical Software Engineering. Seminar.
Summer 2017 Softwareentwicklung 2. Seminar.
Winter 2016 M-Lab. Project-based Course.
Summer 2016 Software Patterns. Seminar.
Summer 2016 Empirical Software Engineering. Seminar.
Winter 2015 M-Lab. Project-based Course.
Winter 2015 Software Patterns. Seminar.
Winter 2014 Architectures for Mobile Services. Seminar.
Winter 2014 Software Patterns. Seminar.
Summer 2014 M-Lab. Project-based Course.
Winter 2013 M-Lab Bachelor. Project-based Course.
Summer 2013 M-Lab. Project-based Course. In cooperation with Volkswagen AG.